Seven days in an island


When most people trooped to famous beaches and resorts in the Philippines to celebrate the Holy Week, we spent ours in the island of Catanduanes. Tabugoc, Pandan, Catanduanes, the hometown of my husband.


Tabugoc is four hours away from Virac, the capital municipality of the province. We boarded an airplane (PAL express) from Manila, landed after almost an hour in Virac, and traveled by land going to Tabugoc. From Virac, the road is cemented only up to Bagamanok, then it is rough road all the way up to Tabugoc. That accounts for the four hours of travel.

rough road

It was good it was not raining the day we arrived. Otherwise the road would have been muddy and that would further slow down our vehicle. We had to cross several mountains, going up and down, in order to reach our destination on the northern side of the island.




The view of the sea and its surroundings is breathtaking. I cannot resist not to take pictures though it was my third time to visit the place. The water is so inviting we woke up early the following day to have a swim. It was so relaxing that napping afterwards is such a welcome.


Our activity centered on swimming, boating, and attending church activities. If we were not into anything, time was spent for free consultations with local folks.The kids spent some of their time playing chess with neighbors.


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