Post-lenten thoughts

During the Lenten celebration this past week, I noticed that many of our neighbors were noisy. They shout when they wanted to, sang with their karaoke, listened to loud music even on Good Friday. As I stood on my window to take a view of the highway, many vehicles passed by carrying with them their floaters and all on their way to the beach. It is so different when I was still growing up when the roads were almost empty especially from Holy Thursday to Black Saturday. A little laugh and my parents would stop us from making further noise.

The people from the beach claimed that there were simply too many visitors. Coming all the way from Tarlac, Pampanga, and other neighboring cities and towns. Visitors stayed, partied, had all the fun they wanted. And the locals simple made lots of money during those four days of vacation.

Yes, it is vacation. There is no work. But the malls and restos (Catholic ones) were closed as well. Does that mean that we all go to the beach and have a party? Do we really understand what the celebration is all about?

There is no work because we were given time to meditate, to pray, to ask forgiveness for the sins we have committed, to be one with God, and to thank Him for this gift of Life. There is nothing to do? There is too many, actually if you only perform your private devotions in the mornings and attend the church celebrations in the afternoons. It is only then that you can feel what God’s love is all about and to truly rejoice in His resurrection. I pity you if you didn’t. For as Fr. Soc Villegas has said during the Easter Vigil mass: “Those who were noisy will pass first the mental hospital before they go to purgatory.”

In a few days, there is another 3-day vacation. Those should have been the days to the stay in the beach and be noisy.

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