Modern toys for modern boys

When I was a child, my parents do not spend too much (or nothing at all) for my toys. I remember spending most of my free time in our backyard playing with kids my age. During summer vacations, afternoons are spent playing “bahay-bahayan” where we put up tents made of newspaper or old sacks. One playmate would play the role of mother, another one the father, and the rest are the children in the family. At some times, one would play the role of a teacher (my sister oftentimes) where the children gather spending time reading, drawing, or singing. My sister enjoyed very much her role as a teacher. She would prepare poems and short stories for her “students” to read out loud during those make-believe games. There were also times when we played vendors inside a marketplace. Some kids would be selling fish (leaves of my mom’s plants), others would be selling meat (plastic toys), while others would be the consumers making “tawad’ to whatever they fancy buying. And we seem to be satisfied with what we were doing until its time to pack up and start on our way home.

During rainy days, my sister and I stay indoors. But we still continued with our role-playing with one acting out as the street hawker selling different kinds of street food. Or we would imitate the the beauty queens riding in a float passing through by-standers and throwing candies and other goodies. These were such fun memories. And not expensive at all except for some broken flower vases and figurines that we accidentally toppled during our play.

Nowadays, it is very different. Kids easily get bored if they don’t have something to tinker upon. They need something to hold and put their hands on. That’s why they have their cellphones, gameboy, the wii, play stations, and now the play station portable (PSP). Very expensive toys. Because most of their friends have the new PSP, my boys had been pressing their dad for it too. And they had patiently waited until the school year ends and results of their performance in school came out. We had a deal. And since they are both honor students, yesterday we bought what they had been wanting for. And it made their day.

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