LMA: on its 10th Year

I couldn’t help to be curious on what my kids were into during the almost two-month-long preparation for the culminating activity of their school’s foundation celebration. It started with the payment of the rather-expensive-but-worth-it costumes for the different roles they played. It was then followed by several days of singing broadway songs and excerpts from Les Miserables, accompanied by mimicking the roles of their friends. The excitement was made more profound by the endless funny stories they outpour during dinner, filling our meal times with laughter. Their excitement is contagious.

As days went by, I couldn’t help to be excited, too. I felt the eagerness to finally see the final outcome of all their preparation and hard work. They even had to go to school during the semestral break just to practice. After all, it is their tenth year. And that deserves something worth remembering in the future.

The other day, it has finally come to an end. I must say it was worth all the wait, the pains, and the hard work. It was well done. Everything was well conceptualized by the musical play director, Manny Odediencia.

Ralph played an angel in the play Joseph, the Dreamer. It was a short role but a significant one. I was in awe watching the proceedings that I forgot to click the camera while my son is still on stage. That was him in the picture taken after he came down the stage.

Raymund played the prison guard (photo below). He was initially given a much bigger role but was too shy to act it out. I am hoping again for a next time, when he is not that shy anymore.


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