It’s Medicine again

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When I started teaching in the College of Medicine (that was ten years ago), there were around 80 students (foreign and local) in the first year. The number started to dwindle as years went by, more so when the Nursing course boomed. For so many years, we were having less than 20 students in the first year, and half or almost half of it are foreigners.

As more and more students took up nursing, the College of Medicine suffered. There were very few local students enrolling in the course, and even doctors were shifting professions. Medical schools accomodated foreign students in order to survive. And aside from that, those in the metro manila area lowered their screening standard, thus accomodating even below average students. This made their enrollments really high while provincial schools suffered all the more as students opted to enroll in well-known medical schools in Manila.

The LNU- College of Medicine here in Dagupan City where I am teaching, was one of those affected by the decline of the number of enrollees in the Medical course. While other courses in the university were doing well, we were having rough times. Now with the decline in enrollees in Nursing, Medicine is seeing a better future. We now have more than 30 enrollees, the majority of which are local students. And still hoping that it would still go up before classes start next week (suspended because of AH1N1).

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