I’m back!

It’s been months since I last posted on this blog. Well, I am not dead. I am not sick. And I have not gotten tired of this thing which I love doing – writing!. I am so much around. It’s just that I was so busy reviewing for the PAFP Diplomate exams – both written and oral.

With the CME requirements temporarily removed for this year, I took the opportunity to take the exams. And so I did my best to prepare which took a lot of my time. I reviewed every night for five or six months. I did it also in between breaks in the clinic, breaks in the school while teaching, and when I am not tutoring my kids or doing some cooking. It was such a difficult preparation. And it was my best preparation ever. More than what I did years ago while preparing for the Physician board. The exams (both written and oral) were very comprehensive. I am still keeping my fingers crossed. But whether I made it or not, I just know I did my best!

The written exams came first. That was last year, December 2. There were 400 questions which we took for a total of six hours (if I am not mistaken). It was time limited so one is not allowed to slow down or to take a nap. Hehehe. Just reading the question twice will delay you for more than a minute because most questions are long enough to be a paragraph in a love story. Finishing the exam gave me more than just a headache.

The oral exam which I took last week, January 16 and 17, was quite okay. It would have been great without the jittery feeling that everybody feels in every oral examination. The nervousness makes everything that is in every examinee’s mind fly away. And I feel so absurd being watched by fellow doctors while I talk or do the task being asked of me. I just hope I did well inspite of the endless flow of perspiration while inside an air-conditioned room, the shaking of my knees that I felt would give way anytime during the oral exam, and the most unbearable of all was the heavy throbbing of my chest which I thought can be heard even by the person sitting directly opposite me. What an experience!

The only consolation I had during those exams was staying in a beautiful hotel – the Kimberly Hotel. It was my home during those days. It is located near UP-PGH and walking distance to Robinson’s Midtown. The people there were very accommodating and the food was very well priced.

So, now I’m back. I’ll see to it that I’ll post regularly. Thank you for understanding.

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