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One way of enjoying Tabugoc aside from exploring the waters is to take pleasure from viewing its lush greenery and enjoying the fresh produce it offers. While my husband took no solid food for three days as he annually does in the observance of Holy Week, the rest of the family, my in-laws included, had to abstain from eating meat. It was not so hard as we are all fish lovers. My kids, young as they are, also love to eat fish. In fact, I only prepare meat once a week (on Sundays) in our house even on regular days.

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The parents of Lanie, my maid of ten years, invited us in their home for a visit. From the house they led us to the top of a small mountain, a land they own, to partake of the freshest coconut fruit I have ever eaten. Everybody in our group enjoyed the experience – from the food, to the view from atop the mountain, and the fresh air. Though we had the same experience two years ago when we last visited the place, climbing three mountains is beyond me this time.

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One thing which never fails to catch my attention is their expertise on turning a part of the coconut husk into a spoon-shaped thing which we later use in scooping the coconut meat.


While we were enjoying the coconuts they gathered, the couple (Lanie’s parents) were busy harvesting corn from their farm. We cooked it immediately after arriving home and nothing tasted better than corn cooked straight from the farm.

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raymund trying to climb a coconut tree

raymund trying to climb a coconut tree

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2 Responses to “Fresh coconuts”

  1. Pinay MegaMom Says:

    Nothing like fresh coconut and buko juice to cool us up during a very warm summer.
    Nothing like the warmth of friends and family to make trips and travel memorable. I love this travel story – so Pinoy!

  2. AmyMD Says:

    So Pinoy indeed, Pinay MegaMom. Now that we have decided to go back and spend the Holy Week there every year, I have something to look forward to and get excited about when summer time comes.

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