Finally, it’s over!

Ever since my child was born, he had this deformity (sorry, he does not want me to say it) that went with him. Yes, it is inborn. The specialist in PCMC (Philippine Children’s Medical Center) where I gave birth recommended the operation when my boy reaches 2 months old. But I just can’t bear the sight of my baby in post-op pain so I postponed the operation. Until last week when my kid finally agreed.

I myself had undergone operations- two cesarian sections, one discectomy . Not to mention the D & C I had on my first pregnancy. And I know very well how painful it is post-op. But when my son went under the knife last Sunday, my feelings were just difficult to describe. I much prefer to be inside rather than outside the operating room waiting for everything to be over. Minutes felt like hours and I lost count of how many rounds of rosaries I offered. My husband and I were confident with the skills of my son’s doctor. But as parents, we cannot just dismiss our worries which normally comes with being parents.

We felt better when the procedure was over and my son was awake. It was then time for us to relax and take our time to rest. But the rear end of the de luxe room in Pines City Doctors Hospital, Baguio City, where my son had his operation has a terrace that  is separated only by steel bars from our neighbors. All noises coming from the other rooms can be heard on our room. And since visitors were allowed in the private rooms for the whole day, well, just imagine the noise coming from children playing, babies crying, and adults talking like they were inside a public market. It felt not we were not in a private room after all. And the sleep which we badly needed came only on the wee hours of the morning. So we had to transfer to a suite room (not available on the day of our admission) where it was more private. My son recuperated well until he was discharged and it was time for us to go home.

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