Enjoying the summer rain


For several years now, summer vacation in my family was spent mostly either swimming in the beach or in a resort pool. My kids really love to stay in the water for hours – swimming, playing, or doing just about anything under water. They will soak their bodies and stay there even under the heat of the sun. And that is what they did while we were in Bicol. And even if they had their fill of non-stop swimming in the beach, they still planned to continue when they got back here in Pangasinan.

Unfortunately this year the rains started coming earlier. Around the middle of April, I think. And that was so early compared to previous years when the rains mostly come on the first or second week of May. Now it rains every afternoon and evening and it ruined my kids’ plan of enjoying the summer through swimming.

It was good we allowed them to swim at Diamond hotel where we checked-in before going to Bicol, enjoyed the rainwater while boating and motor-bike riding while in Tabugoc. So that now they no longer mind staying indoors most of the time playing indoor games (chess, darts, computer games, etc.), reading books, internet surfing, doing mix martial arts, and of course watching TV and DVDs.

diamond hotel

If you are wondering why my boys are not attending summer classes, well, I don’t require them to. I believe that there is a time for everything. And summer time is the perfect time for kids to enjoy playing without thinking of grades, quizzes, assignments, projects, and other school related activities. There is a time for that too when the next school year starts. And during that time computer games and watching TV are only allowed on weekends.


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