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Posted on April 1st, 2010 by by AmyMD

Homemade bangus sardines

I don’t know if going meatless on Holy week is still being observed by many. But we do. My entire family including the kids observe the tradition. The only difference now is that we are at home and not in Bicol. We used to travel to the south and stay with my in-laws for the […]

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Posted on September 26th, 2009 by by AmyMD

Drink water after two hours

Have you ever wondered why some people, Italians mostly, drink alcohol with their meals? Are they just being sociable or they cannot down their food without alcohol? Well, there is a medical explanation to that. As soon as our stomach fills with solid food, contractions start which marks the start of digestion. Some of us, […]

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Posted on August 30th, 2009 by by AmyMD

Vegetables and Fruits: Gifts from patients

I distinctly remember when I was a child, my mom who worked as an RHU nurse, would be called for by local folks if somebody is delivering a baby. Most of these deliveries happen at night or at dawn. And my mom would be there almost the whole night waiting for the baby to come […]

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Posted on June 2nd, 2009 by by AmyMD

Trying new recipes

I was meaning to cook some new dishes for quite sometime now but the problem is time and finding the ingredients. I finally found the time last week so I searched the internet for easy-to-find ingredients for dumplings. I found one simple recipe from imom but I had to substitute ku chai with onion leeks […]

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Posted on April 19th, 2009 by by AmyMD

Fresh coconuts

One way of enjoying Tabugoc aside from exploring the waters is to take pleasure from viewing its lush greenery and enjoying the fresh produce it offers. While my husband took no solid food for three days as he annually does in the observance of Holy Week, the rest of the family, my in-laws included, had […]

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Posted on April 3rd, 2009 by by AmyMD

More on Isdaan

First of all, this is not a paid post. I just want to share our experience in the place and to let you, my readers, know what to expect. If you plan to go north coming from Manila, the place is a good respite from the long travel. It offers a fresh and very Pinoy […]

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Posted on March 29th, 2009 by by AmyMD

Did you know that?: On Metformin

If you are familiar with diabetes, or has a family member who is diabetic, you probably are familiar with the drug metformin. It is a first-line drug in the treatment of diabetes. It is usually taken at 1000 to 1500mg daily. In a meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Medicine 2008, it has been […]

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Posted on March 8th, 2009 by by AmyMD

Beat the summer heat

Summer is here again and along with the upcoming school vacation, people will be trooping to the provinces again where there are lots of beaches and fresh air. Owners of resorts will be making lots of money as these places become fully booked during the entire summer time. Stalls selling halo-halo begin to sprout at […]

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Posted on February 14th, 2009 by by AmyMD

Celebrating Love Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, indeed. I’m just too glad it fell on a weekend. It meant that I have enough time to prepare a good meal to be shared by my entire family. And so yesterday after work I dropped by the grocery to buy everything that I need for the week, and that included […]

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Posted on December 26th, 2008 by by AmyMD

Spaghetti with a twist

Spaghetti, my kids’ all-time favorite, was one of the many meals I served on Christmas eve. I was just planning for a cake and chicken macaroni salad which I  had readied the day before. But my kids pressed me on cooking spaghetti and nachos, too. Well, they know very well that my pantry is full […]

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