Beat the summer heat


Summer is here again and along with the upcoming school vacation, people will be trooping to the provinces again where there are lots of beaches and fresh air. Owners of resorts will be making lots of money as these places become fully booked during the entire summer time. Stalls selling halo-halo begin to sprout at every corner of the street. And hawkers carrying fresh buko, ice buko, ice candy, dirty ice cream, and the likes mushroom in the streets, especially in places full of people. Very common scenes during summer time.

We take part in all these activities just to beat the heat that summertime brings. But apart from all these, there is more that we can do to lessen our body heat. Choosing the right food to eat helps a lot in this aspect. And what is the right food for summer? Fruits and vegetables. And since fruits abound during the summer time, why not take advantage of them?

It has been said that a high protein diet tremendously increases body heat production. Thus, it worsens the uneasiness that we feel after eating. It is better to have a low protein diet during the hot summer days.

The way we dress also makes the heat bearable. Wear light colored clothes as they do not absorb too much heat. Thus, going to the right places, wearing the right clothes, and eating less of proteins and more of fruits and vegetables makes the summer full of fun and less irritating.


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