A way to hasten weight loss

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I had been on aerobics and weight lifting for nearly eight uninterrupted years now. And my regimen has given me acceptable results and enough boost of confidence. Though I am not gaining additional weight, my body got accustomed to my 5-day-a-week work-out such that my weight plateaued. And no matter how hard I exercised, I noticed no change in weight for several months. This made me try other exercise regimens to test my body.

I tried Pilates once. But the different movements made it impossible for me to follow because of my back problem. And so I tried yoga. I was against yoga initially, thinking that it would not even help burn calories. But contrary to what I believed, yoga helped me a lot in lossing the stored fat that I had been painstakingly trying to remove with my previous exercise regimen. The different poses made me sweat a lot and I had a difficult time following every move. But with time I got accustomed to it. My body even became more flexible.


Together with yoga, I also tried kickboxing. There is a lot of cardio moves in this one. And one session will make you huff and puff if you are not used to jogging for several minutes. The movements takes some time of getting used to. But everything is all worth it.

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So, my advice? Choose the exercise that you will enjoy. And if you are into any kind of exercise regimen and your body starts to plateau, don’t ever hesitate to try other kinds of exercise to test your strength and waken up those muscles. Our body can get accustom to anything we do everyday and a little change will do them good. If changing is not your choice, then increase the amount of weights to increase your level of fitness. Any which way, sticking to the same routine everyday for some time will not give good results.

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