A firefly on a moonlit night

Living in the province with the freshest of everything is a blessing I enjoyed ever since I was young. And even animals that are rarely visible in the urban communities can be found in the provinces. And one of these is the firefly. As a child, fireflies are common sights at night. They would even be seen inside houses and people are used to seeing them. But not my children. They haven’t seen a single one ever since they were born though they grew up here in the province. I wonder why fireflies became rare. Are they also endangered? That was how it is until one night during a two-hour brownout (brownouts are so common here these days) when I chanced upon one firefly going in my direction. It was such a pretty sight especially that the entire neighborhood was in darkness. My kids were so delighted to see one. But in their excitement, they unintentionally shooed it away. It wandered into the darkness until we cannot see it anymore. We waited. But two hours had passed and the lights went on. The firefly never came back.

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